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“Silvano S. Samaroli is a question to the sense of things.

A marker of what  constitutes truth and beauty.

A man that with his “himself” addresses the world to which he leaves the material expression of the immaterial: the universal spirit of his Whisky.

Speaking is the present tense is correct for someone who has exceeded the measure of time to be the distilled essence of that which his tongue narrates, approaches and meets with gusto.

Noble father of single malt whisky selectors and connoisseurs, he certainly did not waste time on being liked, but rather to understand and enjoy the fullness of an experience beyond the tangible and customary, beyond the norm, with that pinch of heresy that unlocks and reveals.

Samaroli and the winding roads of the three “S” consonants contained in his names: Silvano Sigfrido Samaroli which dawn as expression of the fluid movement of the liquid dimension of his very feeling and being.

A sentiment that possesses Spirit, the same as the clan of his distillates.

Silvano acted in the name of becoming continuity of expressions in Whisky, selecting and bottling it until becoming synonymous with it: Silvano S. Samaroli

What Silvano has left us is continuing to be carried in the palm of her hand by Maryse Accorsi Samaroli who carries the torch as his lifetime companion. From the reciprocity and mutual exchange of caring for each other stems the experience of Maryse as part of a whole and its completion: MASAM

Masam - Home